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External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Mario Insulation Services Ltd., your UK contractor
for the Aval External Wall Insulation Systems.

This is what happens when we carry out an External Wall Insulation installation.

  1. Beginning with your outside walls, your Atlas/AVAL approved contractor applies a primer to allow the wall to be prepared for adhesive.
  2. The second layer is an adhesive which bonds the polystyrene insulation boards to your walls.
  3. To ensure adhesion, the insulation boards are also mechanically fixed.
  4. A reinforcing layer is applied. This consists of two coats of a cementing polymer around a glass fibre mesh which increases the structures strength and flexibility.
  5. Protective profiles are used on outside corners and movement joints.
  6. A purpose-built over cill is fitted providing a new window cill with graphite enhanced polystyrene underneath (space permitting).
  7. Finally, a topcoat of external render is added for a weather resistant finish.

You have the choice to add a coat of paint to the render. AVAL acrylic has excellent resistance to fading, chalking and yellowing therefore tending to maintain its original appearance over time.